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LJH Plastic Trading is one of the Malaysia’s longest established distributors of plastic materials. LJH has successfully expanded its business and products range. Today, we are the “one stop” service provider that can deliver a full range of customized food package products, disposable products, industrial products, plastic containers, paper products and biodegradable packaging. We also supply logo printing by customization.




The competition in plastic appliances industry became intense when there were more exhibitions happened in town. The profit margin also dropped as a result of price war.

LJH Plastic Trading figured they couldn’t control the competition but they could expand the sales channel. Building an online store wouldn’t attract traffic by itself but it was the first step.

The next step was acquiring quality traffic to the website via SEO. However search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t one size fits all.

We wanted to leverage the advantages of nature of business as a retailer- having a variety of product categories, product pages, and brands. We completed keyword research and our expectation was true – there were indeed many different keywords based on categories, product models and brand names.

TheBestSEOcompanyEver had a detailed dicussion with LJH Plastic and proceeded with content grouping based on searchers’ intention and search volume before optimizing each landing pages.



SEO Keyword Optimization

When it comes to SEO, the success of your organic search efforts rests largely on how effective you are at discovering, researching, analyzing and selecting the right search engine keywords for your website. All other aspects of SEO rely on successful keyword optimization. What’s more, optimizing keywords touches every aspect of your SEO marketing efforts.

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