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Tay Scientific Instruments Sdn. Bhd. (TSI), a pioneer in the scientific industry, has been a leading importer and distributor for scientific instrument, laboratory furniture, laboratory glassware, chemical reagent and healthcare products in Malaysia since 1970. Started as a trading house, TSI went on to register itself as a private limited company in 1979 to accommodate to the thriving growth.



The owner of Tay Scientific Instruments and his staff spent a lot of time and effort creating a showcase for their product pages, only to find that the website hardly attract traffic and sales.

When we first analyzed the challenge, we discovered that perhaps due to business nature, the potential customers often search for category names instead of product and brand names before they make a purchase.

This led us to conduct keyword research for category names, for example, laboratory supplier, lab furniture distributor, lab instruments. We found a number of categories with huge search volume and buying intention. This certainly worth our attention and effort into the next step, which is the essence of the work – content grouping.

We also keep in mind that content should be grouped in a way that not only make sense to search engines, but also to the searchers.


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SEO Keyword Optimization

When it comes to SEO, the success of your organic search efforts rests largely on how effective you are at discovering, researching, analyzing and selecting the right search engine keywords for your website. All other aspects of SEO rely on successful keyword optimization. What’s more, optimizing keywords touches every aspect of your SEO marketing efforts.

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