Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a search engine by means of qualitative (and sometimes quantitative) influencing of the ranking factors behind the algorithms of the search engine. Such manipulation of ranking a website’s link on the search engine are unpaid (being “natural” or “organic”) and excludes any direct influence of the visibility of the website’s link through any purchase of paid advertising placement on the search results.

Depending on the market niche of the industry, certain search keywords require more resources to rank on first page of the search engine than normal due to the competitiveness of the market demand to outrank each other.


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8 Steps Action Plan

1. Goal Setting

To find out what your goals are, We will begin each project by consulting with you. We will discuss who your audience is, what your expectations are, and how we can improve your business.

2. Site Audit

We will then conduct a thorough technical review of your site and provide a full report. We’ll look at the technical details of your site structure, loading time, and so forth, as well as offsite issues like inbound links from other sites. This will allow us to prioritize areas of improvement.

  1. On Page SEO – Quality copywriting of content for SEO purposes.
  2. Off Page SEO – Backlink strategies from external website sources.
  3. Technical SEO – Programming coding to influence the search engine results outcome.

3. Keyword Research

The first key to SEO is figuring out the keywords potential customers use when they try to find you. Once we know that, we can plan out landing pages to target those keywords. We’ll also nail down the meta-data for titles and descriptions.

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4. Competition Analysis

SEO is inherently about positioning yourself against the competition. We’ll look at how your competition is positioned and try to zero in on areas they have neglected. Those will be the easiest targets to reach and they can bring in significant traffic.

5. Content Research and Creation

The search engines reward high quality content that gets attention from other sites so creating content that is genuinely valuable to your potential customers goes a very long way. In this step, we’ll research and write topics of your audience’s interest to build your authority in your industry.

6. Onsite Optimization

We handle all the things that go on in the background. We’ll address site structure, loading times, and all the other technical details the search engines use to determine user experience and site quality.

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7. Offsite Optimization

Search engines evaluate the respect the rest of the world has for your site with the links to your site from other sites – especially other sites that rank as highly respected. We’ll work on getting those links from quality sites.

8. Statistical Analysis and Ongoing Care

Search engine optimization is not about flipping a switch. It’s more like fine tuning a number of different factors to achieve the desired results. We’ll monitor the progress your site is making, send reports bi-weekly, and track key metrics to gauge the success of the project.

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