“Mask Supplier” SEO Keyword Ranking on Google Search Engine.


In early 2020, a novel coronavirus named Covid-19 created a pandemic situation resulting in the shortage of face masks globally. The”Best”SEOCompanyEver* helped ranked a small and obscure SME medical equipment supplier in a remote part of Malaysia on Google search engine’s first page, providing the company an influx of global traffic peaking at 9,000 visits per day resulting the website being on the top 500,000 sites globally as registered on Alexa ranking. 

This is the story of a pandemic versus a global demand in searches for masks to fight against the virus attack.


Before China was hit with Covid-19 virus attack, being first with keyword of “mask supplier” on Google search engine results only in an average of 25 visits per day for mask demand. An evident shortage and demand of mask started to build up in late January 2020, resulting in a 100 fold increase in global searches for “mask supplier” related keywords. As an I.T. solution provider, we helped maintain the constant influx of traffic for our customer without any issues on hosting service uptime and able to sustain the traffic spike without any slowdown to the website’s performance whatsoever.


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alexa rank

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